Analyzing Trace Elements in Pressed Pellets of Geological Materials Using ED-XRF

Multi-elemental analysis of samples from geological and allied materials represents a critical task for spectrometric instruments. For geochemical exploration and environmental monitoring, ED-XRF instruments are often preferred because of their stability and ease of use for rapid screening analysis and precise elemental determination. ED-XRF instruments are a fast, precise, accurate, and economical solution for the analysis of major, minor, and trace elements.

This paper covers the use of the SPECTRO XEPOS HE for analysis of trace elements in samples of geological and allied materials, prepared as pressed powder pellets and using polarization, band-pass filter, and direct excitation technologies.

The results report that the SPECTRO XEPOS HE performed with high repeatability and excellent precision. The instrument also demonstrated very high spectral resolution and exceptionally low LODs for most elements tested. Calibration based on well-characterized samples showed very good correlation for a wide range of elements — including single-calibration analysis of oxides, sulfides, and organics.

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