On-Demand Webinar

Elementanalyse von Flüssigkraftstoffen mit Fokus auf die ED-RFA

This webinar provides an overview of the different elemental analysis techniques that can be used for petrochemical products but emphasizes and reviews the basic principles of ED-XRF technology.

The discussion includes a detailed description of the method setup for five applications using a next generation ED-XRF instrument and provides test results for:

  • Blending control of fresh lubricants
  • Control of the additive packages
  • Analysis of used oil
  • Determination of sulfur and trace elements in crude and heavy fuel oil
  • Analysis of sulfur content in fuels

The technical content of this webinar is highly recommended for plant managers, quality control and quality assurance managers as well as lab managers, supervisors and directors. The duration, including a robust question and answer segment, is one hour.